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The goal of most everyone is to leave a legacy and make a difference in the world. The problem of legacy is not a lack of motive, rather the problem is accomplishing something that will make a long term difference. Unfortunately, it is much easier to float through life without thinking of the end result we are heading toward. 

In this series of readings, we focus on making changes to our lives and making choices that help us leave a legacy. The real secret to leaving a legacy is living a legacy. We must change the way we live in order to change what we leave behind. 

As we work together through this book, it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will lead each of us to significant and powerful life change. As we change, I pray that we each find fulfillment and clear Spirit-led direction for our lives. Finally, it is my prayer that God would use each of us to live and leave a legacy of God-inspired, Spirit-led blessing that will touch the lives of those around us!