Priorities: Choose Wisely

Life is a series of choices. Quite simply, the sum of our lives is the sum of our choices, and our choices create a pile of consequences. Every choice has a consequence, and every consequence affects the trajectory of our lives. In the end, we live in the effect of the consequences we have piled up. For this reason, it is important that we add to the right pile so that we can live in blessings and not curses. 

The Negative Consequence Pile: Curses

With each poor choice we make, we add to our pile of negative consequences, known as curses. The consequences of our poor choices are never confined to their immediate impact on us, as they negatively impact others. If we continually make poor choices, we find people want little do with us, as we bring negative consequences to their lives as well. In the end, we live cursed by our poor choices.

The Positive Consequence Pile: Blessings

With each good choice we make, we add to our pile of positive consequences, known as blessings, affecting more than just us. These blessings affect those around us as well. They pile up, leaving us with great treasures. Not all of them are personal or financial; some treasures come in the form of good will. With each positive consequence, we add to our good will with those around us. In tough times, those who have been blessed by our good choices come to our rescue, willingly helping us get back on our feet. 

With Christ, you are not simply stuck with the pile of consequences you currently have. Even if you have spent years building an impressive pile of negative consequences, you can change your course. You can start a new pile. Keep building up your positive consequences, and as a result, you can live a truly blessed life!