Always Choose Eternal Things

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

I find it interesting how Jesus identifies that our hearts will follow our treasure, not the other way around. Our hearts are painfully fickle sometimes, and they end up chasing the same things over and over again. Your heart will always yearn for whatever it is you treasure, whether your treasure can be measured in wealth or in other, equally damaging, earthly things. Those who treasure wealth will chase after money; those who treasure power will chase after influence and fame. 

Jesus’ point in this statement is quite simple: He desires that we treasure Him and our relationship with Him above all else, above wealth, above power. If we can see our relationship with Jesus as our greatest treasure, our hearts will naturally and consistently chase after Him. The problem is we naturally treasure worldly things. We tend to build up that attraction at a very young age. These attractions take root in our lives and become difficult to remove or change. We must be careful what we treasure! Once we have chosen something to treasure, our hearts will follow. 

Simply put, your treasure does not follow you heart. No. Your heart follows your treasure. Choose your treasure carefully. Your influence and your eternity may well depend on it!