Live Honored

God’s final promise in Malachi is a promise of amazing hope. “‘Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land,’ says the LORD Almighty” (3:12). When we surrender our ways to God, God will lift us up in the eyes of all those around us. This promise is more than just personal blessing or personal protection. It reaches beyond that.  

Just like everyone else, I desire to be blessed and protected by my God. I highly value that blessing and protection. However, God’s promise goes beyond that. In addition to blessing and protection, He promises to make out of me a “delightful land.” Simply put, when those around me look into my life, they will see something they wish they had: a life that is blessed, protected, wise, balanced, and worthwhile. 

Our world today is in desperate need of positive role models. Families, marriages and friendships are falling apart. Worldly people around us struggle to maintain integrity, as they listen to the lying voice of the god of this culture. Satan tells each one, “You are the most important person in the world,” yet he leaves them alone, damaged and discouraged. 

Still, they long to live truly blessed and secure lives. When they see such a life in us, they are intrigued. Even when we don’t notice, people look into our lives, our choices, our 

priorities and find that God is in the center. Others look to us because they see us as “blessed.” And sometimes, without any warning, we find ourselves as role models, not because we are smart or secure or blessed on our own, but because God in His providence has made us a blessed people.  

When the people around us notice God’s blessing on us, they can’t help but call it like they see it. When we have the blessing and protection of God, those around us have a role model, and in the process, the God of Heaven is honored and praised!