Live Plenty

How many times have you had this experience? You go to a fast food restaurant with your family and order their meals with fries. You get to the table and hand out the meals to your kids. You reach for ONE fry from your kid’s plate only to watch him move the fries away from you. He hunkers down over them to protect the fries from your evil grasp! In this moment, if you aren’t careful, you might think you raised greedy, ungrateful children. But in reality, this is not a greed problem; it’s a perspective problem. 

See The Giver

My child’s first perspective problem is thinking he owns the fries. The fries currently being protected by my child were bought by me, carried to the table by me, and handed to my child by me. In case you are missing the point… those are MY fries! I chose to give them to this kid! My fries… My Choice… My generosity. And yet, this kid thinks the fries are his! He has lost sight of the giver. He only sees me as a taker. 

We do that with God. God gives us every good gift, ability, opportunity, job, paycheck, family member, car, house…. You name it, God gave it! And in return, we forget He is the Giver. When He asks us to give back a portion of what He gave to us, we act like a kid hunkering over fries. We forget who the Giver is and mistake Him for a taker. 

See Past the Plate to the Storehouse

My kid’s second perspective problem is thinking the fries I gave him are the only fries available. My son, hunkered over his fries, did not realize there were more fries in the kitchen. He also failed to realize that I had enough money in my pocket to buy him more. In fact, I could have purchased enough fries to fill a ball pit and throw him in it! He thought there was a scarcity of fries, when in reality, there were plenty. Where I had plenty, he could only see scarcity and that made him greedy. 

See the Heart of the Father

The final perspective problem is my son’s failure to trust the heart of his father. I am human and flawed. Even so, I desire to bring joy to my children. Even now, as they are adults, it brings me joy to bless them. How much more do you suppose our Heavenly Father, who is flawless, desires to bless us?

He is the Ultimate Giver. He never runs short on anything. He loves to bless His children! 

If all of this is true, and it is, then we should open our eyes to understand that what looks like scarcity to us is only a shadow of the plenty our Father, the great Giver desires to bring into our lives. 

So, order fries… And share… There’s plenty to go around!