“I really wanted to communicate how huge God is, yet He still actively loves us. This song came to be from standing in awe of that. God commanded all these things into existence, but He still cares about what I do and who I am.”

—Hannah Gable, songwriter  


Almighty Father, 

Thank you for who You are. Thank You that You love me, and You never give up on me. Forgive me for running from You. As I stand here in awe of Your creation, I worship You because You deserve every breath in my lungs. You are Father, Creator and Savior and still You pursue me – even when I let You down. Show me who You are so that I can know You deeper. Speak to me and let me hear Your voice.





Wastelands is a song of victory, just like the passage, but what struck me in verse 19 is that they are proclaiming victory while recognizing where they are. It doesn’t just say God made a way; it says He made a way in the wilderness. He didn’t just make a river; He made it in the dry wasteland. He didn’t just make something new, He took something that was broken and made it new. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or what you’ve done, God can make you new and do new things in your life.”

Josh Hilson, songwriter


God of Victory, 

Redeem the things in my life that seem hopeless. Destroy the temptations, the addictions and lies that have taken hold of me and replace them with new things that bring You glory. God I know the battle will be ongoing, but I rest in knowing that You have already won the war. Thank You Lord for the story that You have given me – use it to lead people to You.





“This song was written to be restoring. When we feel empty of love, value, or goodness, this is a reminder that God loves us. He loves you. ALWAYS. No matter the pain or circumstances you go through, God loves you. It speaks to my testimony and how God fills this emptiness when others can't.”

—Alexa Bungato, songwriter


Loving God, 

Thank you that there is nothing that I’ve done that could separate me from Your love because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Forgive me for the sin in my life. Make me into the person You want me to be. Open my eyes to the things in my life that hold me back from You and help me to overcome them. When I lose sight of You, remind me that You’re there and that You never leave.





Where You Are is all about obedience versus devotion. You can be obedient because you know it’s what you’re supposed to do. But when you find that true relationship with the Savior, you become desperate for more of Him. You can’t help but be devoted and chase after Him.  It’s not always going to be easy, but love and devotion never are. And it’s always worth it.”  

—Theo Bolden, songwriter



Make the desires of my heart the same as Your desires for my life, no matter the cost. God take all of me, even the parts that, up until now, I have kept from You. Help me lay down my wants for what yYu have that’s greater and ask for You to use me for Your plan and to bring You glory.





“Sometimes in church, we avoid talking about the Holy Spirit because He’s difficult to explain.  But if we aren’t acknowledging the Spirit, we are missing it. We are missing the power and the peace that He brings us.  We are missing the glory that He wants to show us. He has so much more for us than we can even comprehend.”

Hannah Gable, songwriter  


Holy Spirit, 

Thank you for Your promises. Thank You that You are always there and You never change.  Forgive me for any doubt that I have in my heart and remove it, Lord. Fill me and start a revival in me. Increase and work in me in ways that I can’t even imagine yet. Open my eyes to Your glory so that I don’t miss any part of You.





“Yet to Come was written as a fight song for all of us. It’s a song that we can sing together to declare the truth that God is on our side. But it’s also a reminder that He already has and will continue to carry us through every battle we face - big or small.”

Theo Bolden, songwriter 


Mighty God, 

Thank you for the strength You give me because I can’t fight the battles of my life alone. I know that You are bigger than anything I will ever face. Please continue to remind me that You’ve got my back, even when I doubt You’re there. Lord, I believe in You and how good You are, please help me overcome my unbelief and lead me into the best that You have for me.