Wastelands is a song of victory, just like the passage, but what struck me in verse 19 is that they are proclaiming victory while recognizing where they are. It doesn’t just say God made a way; it says He made a way in the wilderness. He didn’t just make a river; He made it in the dry wasteland. He didn’t just make something new, He took something that was broken and made it new. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or what you’ve done, God can make you new and do new things in your life.”

Josh Hilson, songwriter


God of Victory, 

Redeem the things in my life that seem hopeless. Destroy the temptations, the addictions and lies that have taken hold of me and replace them with new things that bring You glory. God I know the battle will be ongoing, but I rest in knowing that You have already won the war. Thank You Lord for the story that You have given me – use it to lead people to You.