GrowthTRACK is the simple and easy first step to finding your purpose and becoming part of New Life Church. Our goal is through the four steps, you will learn who God has created you to be and live using the gifts and talents to have a significant IMPACT on your world. 

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Discover New Life

Learn more about New Life Church, it's mission, and the role you play in building the kingdom of God. 

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Christian Belief

Learn more about the basics of faith and what New Life Church believes. 

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Your Purpose

Discover your personality, giftings, and passions. Find ways to serve God using them. 

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What IMPACT will you have? 

Common Questions

Q. How often does GrowthTRACK happen? 

A. GrowthTRACK happens on a weekly basis, year-round. It is scheduled at a convenient time, usually, Sunday afternoons. 

Q. How long is each GrowthTRACK class? 

A. Each class will take less than an hour. 

Q. When can I start GrowthTRACK?

A. This Sunday! It doesn't matter which step you attend; you can even take them out of order. Come out and discover your purpose! 

Q. Do you provide childcare? 

A. Yes, we provide childcare. All our volunteers who interact with children complete a background check every year.