Now That's Impressive

Read: John 13:1-17

''I have set you an example (by being your servant) that you should do as I have done for you. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.”

-John 13:15

O, what creatures do to impress one another! The peacock spreads a vast fan of colors. Rhinos charge and fight with terrific ferocity. The blue-tongued skink startles its enemies with the enormity of its tongue. The roar of a bear is deafening.

Some impress for status, others bedazzle for mating rights, and some do so for protection, but no creature is more impressive at impressing than humans. How good we are at developing pecking orders, rising to the top, defending our rights, and getting our way. In fact, that's exactly what the disciples were in the middle of doing when Jesus got down and washed their feet.

Though we pay lip service to service, most of us are an awful lot like the disciples. We seldom view the way up as down. We'd rather carefully plan for our own promotion and success. We actually do so out of insecurity.

We receive tremendous insight not only into how God thinks of us but also into what God expects of us when we see Jesus model servanthood. In turn, when we elevate servanthood, we demonstrate that Christians can live inverted from the world's me-first philosophy.

Jesus was very secure in who he was and God's plans for his life. Such security allowed him to model servanthood without concern of “losing something.” If, as Christians, we become equally convinced that God is working in our lives for his good purpose, we will more naturally pursue servanthood as well.


Pray this prayer today…

Lord, you were a servant of all and you called me to be the same. Please reveal to me today where and how I need to serve. Help me to be a servant in my family. Help me to be a servant in my job/school. Help me to be a servant in my community. Help me to be a servant in my church.

Pastor Todd Crofford of Real Life Wesleyan