We believe in the next generation

We want the students in our community to start or grow deeper in the same spiritual journey that we all take: "Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make an Impact." We believe that God can and will work in the lives of the students in our community in a powerful way.


CoME TO riot


What happens at Riot?

Small Groups - We run cycles of small groups where students join together in groups separated by age and gender. In this time 2 small group leaders will build relationships with the students and lead them in discussion in efforts to help them grow spiritually. If you are interested in small groups then click here to learn more about it and join!

Hangout time - We provide time for students to hangout and have fun with their friends and adult leaders. This includes activities such as octoball, basketball, nine square and music.

Worship - A band of students leads us in a couple worship songs.

Sermon - Someone will bring a message to each group of students. For this portion of the night, high school and middle school is separated into two different rooms in order to communicate God's truth in a way that is best suited for their age/stage of life.

Hangout time - At the end of the night we have time left for students to join their friend/adult leaders again to play games, listen to music or just hangout and talk.

Go To Camp

Never the Same (NTS) Camp exists to spark life-changing spiritual transformation in the lives of middle and high school students. While at NTS Camp, students have the opportunity to participate in powerful worship, informative and challenging chatrooms, time alone with God, and small groups that will draw them closer to their peers, their leaders, and God. Aside from the intense spiritual experience, students are able to participate in team competitions throughout the week where they can support their team and face challenges in hope to win the NTS Cup. Camp happens every summer usually in July. 


We have an amazing team of adult leaders who serve with NewLife Students because they have a passion for student's lives being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have a hospitality team who excitedly greets students, a small group team who leads our students in small groups, and a hangout team who builds relationships with students through games and activities.

If you want to join the team and be a part of our student ministry, email riot@newlife.live!