NewLife Church is one church in multiple locations. You can visit any one of our locations and hear Senior Pastor Mike Hilson preach. Every church location (or campus, as we call them) shares the same purpose and vision for the church, but each is led by its own campus pastor. 

We believe in reaching as many people as we can across multiple communities. We humbly recognize that church is not a building, but rather a movement of the body of believers powered by the strength of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to have a significant IMPACT for Christ in every community we serve. We invite you to experience New Life in Christ!



Becoming a part of the family of believers. God is so intent on restoring the lost relationship that he provided a new way to establish it. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16) He invites us back into relationship with him through his Son, Jesus Christ. 



Growing in maturity to become more like Jesus Christ. We do this through prayer, becoming a student, focusing and dwelling on His Word. We do these things for the purpose of practicing and doing the things He has called us to. Whether it's caring for a hurting person or leading a community closer to Him, God uses our maturity to further His Kingdom. 



Glorifying God. We praise the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This worship takes on many forms but the greatest form of praise is sacrificing our time, resources, and money for His glory and honor. 



Fulfilling physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through Biblical truth applied in Christian love. God made each of us for a purpose. We need to recognize that purpose and accept it. Fulfillment, rightly understood, is working within the purpose that God has for our lives. 



Going to reach the world for Jesus Christ. God will use many challenges (divine moments, impossible dilemmas, and God-sized opportunities) to call us out of our comfort zones and into the game. He is looking for us to trust Him in all things and to make ourselves available and ready. 



Becoming a person of integrity. God has called us to remain truthful, transparent, teachable, and wise in any and every time, place, and circumstance. When we remain true and committed to His Way, He will honor that and use us to accomplish His Will. 

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