Attention: NO IN-PERSON SERVICES. Due to COVID, all services are online only until February 14th, 2021
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Love God. Love People.

That’s who we are.  That’s why we’re here.

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Things are undeniably different this year and you might not feel comfortable planning a visit in-person. That’s totally okay! One of the ways you can gather with us this year is by hosting a Watch Party! With a watch party you can experience church in person, right in your own home.
Our team would love to help guide you through getting one started. We have materials ready for you to have church in your living room, basement, backyard or whatever space makes you feel at home! All you need is a screen, the internet, and the your circle of people.

Current Series


What if the story in the Bible and the story of our lives were one in the same? These stories of miracles, faithfulness and deliverance ARE our history! In this year long series, we’ll go through the the whole Bible giving an overview of the greatest story ever told and how our lives and the Bible are a part of the same story.


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We are here for you. Looking for someone to talk to? Wanting a pastor to pray with you? Have questions about our church or God? Sign up using our tool to connect with one of our pastors via Zoom.