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Why do we give?

Simply put, generosity enables miracles to happen. These miracles can be a change in our heart or in an unexpected or impossible change in someone’s circumstances.

Most people don’t give for one of four reasons:

The main thing to recognize is that these hold you back from experiencing the power of generosity.


“If I give my money to a poorly managed or corrupt organization, my contribution be for nothing.”


“If I give my money away, I’ll lose my safety net if something bad happens in my life.”


“I don’t make much; I can’t give much. Would it even make a difference anyway?”


“I’d rather hold onto my money. I worked hard to earn it and I should be able to spend it on me.”

The Power of Generosity

Frees you from the bondage
of pursuing money.

Greed is the corruption of ambition; it is a poison that can eats away at you. With the wrong focus, the more money you have corresponds to the discontentment in you.

Accelerates someone
or something.

Giving to others has a way of moving someone forward in an unexpected way. A project can go from idea to completion much faster through increased generosity.

Shares freedom
with others.

In 2012, the youth group of NEWLIFE started a “We Can Help” campaign to raise funds to fight the battle against sex trafficking in the United States. In one evening, we were able to raise over $150,000 and give it to a home for recovering victims in the area.

Contributes to something
bigger than yourself.

Through generosity, you have the opportunity to contribute to something larger than yourself or your own efforts. We can accomplish more together than we can apart.

How to set up online giving?

  1. Select your campus

  2. Enter the amount* and frequency (one-time or regularly)

  3. Enter your information

From here forward, you’ll be able to give under that profile and it will remember your preferences.

If at any time you need to change your giving, you can always sign into your profile.

*Everything you give is tax-deductible. You’ll receive a giving statement every January for the previous tax year.

How do we manage money?

Simply put, NEWLIFE has a system called 10/10/80.

10% – Give.
10% – Save.
80% – Live.

We give away 10% of everything that comes in to organizations outside of NEWLIFE to help them. We save 10% for two reasons: to produce margin in our own budget and to be able to help in times of need (regardless of how much comes into the plate this week). And we operate the church on the remaining 80%, which is used for church planting, leadership development, small groups, investing in the next generation, and more.

10/10/80 For You

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