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You were made for a purpose, and you can’t do life alone. The ultimate expression of your God-given purpose will only be on full display when you’re living in community with God and those around you. To that end, our mission is to build a Movement of people who strive to love God and each other better everyday. We believe in this pursuit we will see souls saved, chains broken, lives changed, and people living fulfilled in the promises of God.


In 1966, a small church was started by a retired missionary couple in Waldorf called Waldorf Wesleyan Church. Over the years that church struggled to stay open and thrive, but God had a plan. Through the efforts of a few families, ultimately it began to grow. They changed the name of the church to NEWLIFE and bought the land that the LaPlata campus sits on today. The members of the church built the first building on that land with their own hands and they opened services in the Dome building in 1997. In 1999 Pastor Mike and Tina became the Pastors at NEWLIFE. At the time, the church was struggling some having just gone through a leadership change, but God had a plan. The week before Pastor Mike and Tina came there were 55 people at church. Their first week over 100 came. Since then NEWLIFE has grown to have 4 campuses with over 3000 in weekly attendance. NEWLIFE has also planted 6 churches in the U.S. and 17 in Guatemala.

We believe that the blessings we see now and the impact we’ve had over the years come directly from God honoring the faithfulness of those few families that kept the church open in the early years and we pray that we can continue that faithfulness for the next generation to be able to walk in our blessing.