Attention: Three ways to join - this weekend! In person, online + at watch parties.
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9AM & 11AM

If you watched these stories, you probably have some questions! So we’ve got a little more information to help you begin praying about what a NEWLIFE @ Your House Watch Party would look like for you!

Weekends @ NL@YH

Who’s your squad?

Who are you watching church with? It could be your neighbors, your small group circle, a team you volunteer with, or whoever you want to worship with! We have always been a church focused on living in community and your watch party should include your squad.


How about your house?

This isn’t just limited to your location, (Which could be your driveway, your backyard, your garage, etc.) but it’s also about the environment that you create. Hospitality is an important part of an In Person Watch Party. Drinks, snacks, seating, and a great atmosphere go a long way! (This is a party, after all!)



Love God. Love People.

Ultimately, our mission is to love God and love people.  If there are people you love that need to know who Jesus is, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them, and we want to help you do that.


Emily Bradford

Campus Pastor