For the last few years we’ve been creating an online church experience that is tailored for people at home. Because of this, we’ve been recording everything in a smaller, more intimate space so that it in some way reflects the environment you’re watching from. 

More important than that, we’ve been trying to avoid making you feel left out when you watch. We didn’t want to create the yearning within, that it would be better if you could go to the room where it happened. That’s why we don’t do big live recordings on large stages in a church somewhere. It’s almost always recorded in a studio, without a live audience. 

This has helped us create a unique feel here at Where You Are Church and has helped people from all over connect without the feeling that they were getting a secondary experience, but instead, something that is made first and foremost for them. This will always be our priority.

With that said, one significant drawback is the energy lost from not having a live audience. While it’s hard to explain, most people who have ever been on a stage in front of an audience (singers, actors, speakers) can attest to the energy a crowd brings, which influences the performance of the one on stage. 

Yes, even Pastors fall prey to this. Pastor Mike and I have noticed over the years that when we deliver our messages in front of a crowd (versus a camera), we are more energetic and passionate. Some would even say we’re funnier! The bottom line is that we see a disparity between our best and what we’ve been doing, and we want to try to close that gap. 

In light of this, we’re going to try something new. We’re going to invite a crowd into our Where You Are Church message recordings!  It’s sort of a hybrid approach between what we’ve been doing and an in-person event. We’re confident we can maintain the feel we’ve created and improve the quality of our communication at the same time with this new approach.

So, Starting Saturday, January 27th @ 5pm in the main building at NEWLIFE Church in La Plata, MD, we will host our first ever Saturday Night Live WYAC Recording, and you are invited. Come and help us as we seek to create the best online church experience possible and come closer to our goal of being at home in every County in the USA!

Will I see you there?

Smile Often,

Dave Sylvain, Lead Pastor

The WhereYouAre & NEWLIFE Partnership

In this convo, Pastor Mike, Pastor Dave and Pastor Theo Bolden discuss the common mission and partnership of Where You Are Church and NEWLIFE Church.